Organization Design

Ready to create a movement in your organization? We trigger inner resolution and clarity towards the meaning purpose of your organization. Setting up an environment for organic transformation is the first step in order to apply social technologies.

Our tailored org design program will significantly increase personal engagement in your organization. We trigger internal changemakers to develop, test and rapidly validate transformation strategies with the ultimate aim to self-organize and unboss your organization

Our services are always adjusted to requirements of every particular organization. A close coordination with board and a core team to develop ongoing program is required. We use social technologies in situations where they apply. 

  • Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming. Techniques like Warm data Lab, Open Space, World Café, Dreaming Circles all can help bigger to huge groups self organize projects and decisions, or find shared solutions to complex issues.
  • Self management and agile project management: Impact Sprints and Hackathon. A workjam of 6, 12 or 24 hours to get things done.
  • Artistic and playful Dynamics. Rituals, social interventions like flash mobs, art in business or education. Art is ambiguous yet esthetic. It touches feelings and heightens consciousness. It gets people to feel human again.

Be part of the next generation of organizations. Get in touch with us to understand what we can develop together or choose a stand-alone solution to try out tools that are standard in new forms of organizations.