Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching Programs are unique and spontenous. We help people to break through limiting beliefs, rules and patterns, towards making a transition. 


You know only attaining new knowledge is not enough. Step out of your box. We work in real life environments while connecting with our embodied wisdom. playmakers industries is about opening hearts and then act from there. Get in touch and unleash your inner wisdom.

Leadership Coach: Philippe Greier, Founder of playmakers industries.

Framework: 3 Sessions of 3 hours Worldwide or via Zoom. Weekly reflection report is required during this commitment.
Participants: Next-gen leaders and world-class athletes. Educators, business and community leaders, Start-Up founders, Governmental officials

Leadership Journey

Get out of your comfort zone. Go on a leadership expedition with your executive team or start-up crew. Our Leadership Journey improves flexibility and adaptability on outside influences. We create a safe and dynamic environment for openness to change and possibility to thrive in chaotic and complex times and situations.

Going on our Leadership Journey, that is based on Game Design Thinking, may reduce costs by eliminating mental strategies. Let’s boosts personal health with positive endorphins.

Expedition Guide: Philippe Greier, Founder of playmakers industries or local playmakers.

Framework: Min 3 days for 3 – 15 participants. Executed all around the world. An online preparation process is required.
Participants: Investors, Executives, Business and community leaders, Start-Up founders, Governmental officials