Business Innovation

We would like to see corporations adapting to new realities by allowing change from within their organizations. Something that you cannot learn rationally but something that you need to experience. 

Dedicated people, meaningful assignments and self-managed working scenarios are core factors of succeeding in our future. See a list of our interventions and that are designed to boost creativity, to vitalize people and to help you innovating.

Hackathon (Also online)

Traditional organizations try to adapt to start-up organizations. And fail due to a lack of understanding this approach. We provide you with a deep experience about the startup life principles of exponential organizations. A Hackathon is an event (online) or over 1 or 2 days that allows to develop solution and create a rapid prototypes while learning how to pitch ideas or gather teams. 

playmakers industries has extended experience to deliver Hackathons across sectors and uses methodologies including Game Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Project Management.

Framework:  24 – 48 hours straight. We run hackathons all over the world, curate content and challenges. Participants: Up to 200 internal staff members and/or stakeholders like clients, suppliers, students.

Innovation Jam

Are you aware of the latest social technologies and social innovations? Bring your staff and experience a highly dynamic and challenging environment. Our aim is to get everyone familiar on common innovation methodologies, techniques and tools.

We introduce your staff to social innovation, Game Design Thinking, Lean Startup methodology, Agile Structures and Participatory Project Management. It is a mash up of experimental learning and real life applications.

Framework:  3 working days. We facilitate Innovation Jams all over the world and include local facilitators for follow up processes.
Participants: Up to 50 people and staff members.

Design Playground

You would like to create a comprehensive solution for a burning challenge since traditional paths failed? Our playmakers industries’ Design Playground aims to develop and test a solution concept to a specific business problem, using multi-disciplinary teams.

We facilitate a self-organized and open dynamic with coaching and mentoring support on key techniques. Specialists and unusual troubleshooters from your company will enhance a sustainable turn-around through developing a different mindset.

Framework:  5 working days. We run Design Playgrounds all over the world. We curate content and challenges and involve local experts and facilitators.
Participants: Up to 12-15 people. Option of including external experts.

Game Design Sprint

The playmakers industries Game Design Sprint takes 10 working days, using a multi-disciplinary team with the aim of completing an end-to-end agile sprint including sprint preparation, creating a “backlog”, daily stand-ups, the use of agile tools and a “retrospective”.

This format is particularly useful for teams and participants who are unfamiliar with agile management and would like to trial the use of sprints in a safe environment under expert instruction, coaching and mentoring.

Framework:  10 working days. We facilitate Game Design Sprints all over the world with local superheroes.
Participants: Up to 7-8 team members.