Change your game.
Level up your ecosystem.


It’s time to shift. We tried very hard the hard way. We were convinced clear structures & control, competition & rational understanding would create a better world. Be honest. It’s an illusion and you know it.

We are often wearing masks, confuse roles with being and lost touch with our dreams. We get hurt, get burned out, feel disconnected and are afraid to step out or up. There’s a way out of this game: gently shift. Soften up and care for more than your personal benefit. Connect with people with the same intention and motivation. You are not alone.

Would you agree?

Organizations want to thrive and fulfill their purpose. Yet many lack the adaptability to cope with complexity and fast change.


We experience a paradigm shift and deep adaption. Collaboration with a competitive mindset doesn’t work.

PMI Approach

Most consultancies and org design companies focus on implementing and using new processes and tools. We believe that organizations do have most of needed tools and skills to organize themselves successfully. 

playmakers industries helps its clients to follow the call of increasing effectiveness through playfulness  within organizations, communities and individuals. We seek to gently change all organizations to meaningful communities of life, fulfillment and fun.

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PMI Services

Our program consists of residence services, social interventions, leadership coaching and experience design. We use play design and social innovation technologies in order to create an organic and self-organized flow towards adaptable and (responsibly) flourishing organizations.


Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching Programs are unique and spontenous. We help people to break through limiting beliefs, rules and patterns, towards making a transition. 


Organization Design

Ready to create a movement in your organization? We trigger inner resolution and clarity towards the meaning purpose of your organization. Setting up an environment for organic transformation is the first step in order to apply social technologies.


Business Innovation

We would like to see corporations adapting to new realities by allowing change from within their organizations. Something that you cannot learn rationally but something that you need to experience. 


About PMI

Aloha! My name is Philippe Greier and I am the founder of playmakers industries. After 9 years diving into the world of social impact and transformative movements I partnered up with some of the most impressive playmakers and connect them with organizational playgrounds all around the world.

playmakers industries is a global entrepreneurial cooperative of social entrepreneurs, practitioners, game developers and social artists. Our fluid structure depends on the business case and the needs of our customer. Get in touch with me and I will introduce you to the rest of the crew depending on your reality.

Game On!

What is your challenge? Which of these apply to you and your organization?